Knives Down Gloves Up Premiere

17 June 2024

Knives Down Gloves Up Premiere: group of boxers produce short film to raise awareness around knife crime.

Over the last few months, a group of boys (aged 15-18) who train with the Don Davis Boxing Academy have been putting together a short film to raise awareness around knife crime. “Knives Down Gloves Up” tells the story of how boxing can be used as a positive force to tackle the subject of knife crime, helping young to choose the right path in life.

With the support of Active Communities Network and their mentor Rubel, our group of boxers got together and started this project complete of their own accord. Due to their own experiences of knife crime, and due to the positive impact which boxing has had on their lives, they wanted to portray a story which covered both themes. The film therefore tells the tale of how boxing can be a force of good, help young people make the right decisions. All of the film is shot across the BPT site and local estate, also featuring interviews with our staff and participants, talking about real life experiences at Black Prince.

Every aspect of the film (concept/acting/directing/editing/music) was completely organised by the young people involved, where they used a diverse array of skills to create this fantastic short film. An amazing achievement delivered by our young people, especially considering their age, and the fact this was their first ever project of its kind.

Last month, we held the first ever screening of the film here on site. After the showing the film, the boys held a Q&A with the audience, taking a whole range of different questions. Following the premiere at BPT, the group also held screenings at local schools.

This amazing group of young people will be looking to expand on this project going forward, with plans to turn the film into a professional quality production. We look forward to tracking their progress and development!