BPT Hits Quai54: A Thrilling Celebration of Streetball and Urban Culture in Paris

5 July 2024

Every year, Paris hosts one of the most electrifying streetball events in the world, known as Quai54. This high-level tournament features top-tier streetball teams and individual players competing in a knockout-style format. The event is renowned for showcasing spectacular dunks, exceptional ball-handling skills, and fiercely competitive matches. Beyond the games, Quai54 is a grand celebration of urban culture, complete with music performances, dance battles, and fashion shows, deeply rooted in hip-hop culture and streetwear.

This year, the Jordan “Jumpman” team extended an invitation to us, allowing us to bring along four fortunate attendees from the Black Prince Trust. These individuals were carefully selected as exemplary representatives of our organization’s values, with assistance from our basketball partners.

Over two days, we experienced some of the most exhilarating basketball action imaginable. Both the men’s and women’s competitions delivered unforgettable moments. In addition to the thrilling games, the event featured outstanding performances from several popular artists. The highlight for many, however, was the dunk competition, alongside the generous distribution of free Jordan gear, including trainers, T-shirts, and more.

This unforgettable experience was profoundly impactful for the participants from the Black Prince Trust. We are immensely grateful to the Jordan team for making this incredible opportunity possible.