Successful Start to Coach and Referee Courses at BPT

Our cohort of Basketball Level 2 coaching and Level 1 Referee courses, in collaboration with the LBA, commenced on May 5th, generating remarkable internal enthusiasm. Impressively, over half of the participants were referred by the Black Prince Trust (BPT).

The students have diligently dedicated themselves to their online training and have now transitioned to attending BPT for assessments. In this phase of their journey, aspiring referees engage in immersive 3-hour practical assessment sessions spanning over a 4–6-week period. These assessments are conducted during our Fridays LBA Advance Women’s scrimmage, offering invaluable experience and assessment opportunities for trainees striving for referee certification.

Meanwhile, Level 2 coaches are engaged in a rigorous program comprising 25 hours of online training and 16 hours of practical assessments, conducted both at BPT and other venues.

The surge of interest in basketball education is palpable, signalling a promising future for the LBA (ROC) Program. We eagerly anticipate nurturing a growing cadre of qualified referees and coaches within the basketball community.