Social Outcomes

Social Outcomes

Since 2015 the Trust has developed its own social outcomes ‘strands’. The Trust has designated 5 separate social outcome strands across which BPT and its partners at the Hub aim to deliver social impact:

  • Participation
  • Inclusion
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Education, Training and Life Long Learning

These strands are summarised above and have been designed to work within the partnership model adopted at the Hub. The strands are designed to encapsulate the social outcome strategies of BPT’s partners who deliver a wide range of programmes at the Hub. Not all partners will deliver across all the strands, but all partners will deliver at least one of these strands. Likewise, the Trust itself delivers some social outcome programmes under specific social outcome strands but will not deliver across all of them. Hence a true partnership model has been developed at the Hub.

The Trust acknowledges that social outcome impact measurement (Measurement and Evaluation or ‘M&E’) is a key priority at the Hub and to this end has commissioned a market leading M&E system called Upshot. Upshot has been designed and developed by the Football Foundation (the UK’s largest sports charity) and is used across the sport for development sector as well as by many public and private bodies including housing associations. BPT uses the Upshot system to collate all of the social outcome data at the Hub and is also used by a number of the delivery partners at the Hub.

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