Parking on Site

Parking on Site

Parking on Site

Car Park Charges
You are only entitled to use The Black Prince Trust car park while you are using site facilities. The rules for
using our car park are on large green signs around the car park. Visitors who have registered their details
for free activities or have paid for a private booking must register their car details on arrival at the
Powerleague office.

You can download the “YourParkingSpace” – Parking App from if you
need to park and pay. Our car park uses QR codes for entry and exit.
A QR code is a unique code created and provided for you for the purpose of entering and exiting the
space you have booked. On arrival at the location, you should scan the code at the entrance to the car
park. Please refer to your post-booking instructions for further information. Upon exit, you will need to
rescan the code to leave the car park.

Visitors to the site are allowed up to 3hrs free. If you are onsite for more than 3hrs you must re-register
before your 3rd-hour finishes. This allows visitors up to 6hrs in total for free. Validated parking period
commences as soon as they arrive and validate their vehicle, so in essence, the session starts afresh upon
re-validating and an extended period of stay starts again if required.
However, after 6hrs you will need to re-register and your vehicle will be charged at the standard rate.

Hosts of groups and clubs are responsible for notifying their group members to validate their parking on
the arrival of the session. If you have received a charge, please retain your booking confirmation from the
free activity you have booked on our website or attach a confirmation receipt/invoice / booking
receipt and contact to launch an appeal.
By contacting them directly you retain your right to appeal any decisions made.
You must park only in the spaces in our car park. If you do not have a disabled badge, you must not park
in the spaces reserved for disabled badge holders. Vehicles parked in these spaces without a disabled
badge will receive a fine of £100.

We do not guarantee that car parking is available at any time and operates on a first come first served
basis. You park in the car park at your own risk. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage to your
car, or personal belongings in it, while you are parked in our car park.
Have an urgent query about parking?

Send us a message via WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7418 360 404

If I am driving in to collect my children from a sports event, do I still need to register?
We encourage families to collect their children by foot or by public transport if possible.
However, you must register your vehicle at Powerleague Reception. Vehicles not parked in bays will be
charged and fined £100.

If I am a courier delivering a small package or a Taxi collecting?
We understand that couriers and Taxi drivers maybe drop off a small package or collect a customer. All
drivers must register their vehicles at Powerleague Reception.

If someone was to visit the Hub twice on the same day, will they receive 3 hours twice, or will the 3 hours maximum
stay be calculated over the 2 visits?
Drivers may come and go as they please within the paid session. However, visitors to the site are allowed
up to 3hrs free. If you are onsite for more than 3hrs you must re-register before your 3rd-hour finishes. This
allows visitors up to 6hrs total for free. However, after 6hrs you will be charged at the standard rate.

If someone is attending a course for 5/6 hours on a weekend, for them to not receive a ticket – what do they need to

In instances such as these, or where you have a contractor/cleaner on-site, your course facilitator/host of
the group would need to submit their group details 48hrs in advance to to notify YourParkingSpace to exempt all group members for the
duration of the course.

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