Black Prince Media Workshops Get Off to a Great Start

London Screen Academy Delivers the First Black Prince Media Workshop

Black Prince Media (BPM) is a new pilot initiative run by Black Prince Trust, creating a platform where young people from diverse backgrounds in London are provided opportunities across all aspects of media. The pilot aims to connect participants with professionals and experts in different fields within the media through a series of workshops, relating to different subjects of media, led by what the young people are interested in.

The first workshop was delivered for under 18s and was held on the 9th of April at the BPT hub. London Screen Academy (LSA) led the workshop, covering the subjects of videography and cinematography. The session was delivered by an LSA alumni student, where participants were taught how to capture certain types of shots and how to use different type of cameras to a high standard. Once they had been briefed on how to use a camera, they had the chance to go out and capture content from sessions taking place on site. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the session, and we hope to build on this with LSA in the future.

A big thank you to LSA, who are a fantastic college that provide opportunities in film and television to sixth form students from diverse backgrounds. More information on LSA and details to apply can be found using the links below:

Coxhill Shares Insights on Directing, Filming, and Storytelling in Engaging Session

Our second workshop aimed for an 18+ audience, featuring Neil Coxhill, the Creative Director of Amazon Ads ran on site on the 26th April. The workshop served as a platform for Coxhill to delve into his journey within the film industry, offering invaluable insights into the finer details of directing, filming, producing, and the art of storytelling.

Attendees were treated to an enriching workshop as Coxhill unveiled the intricacies of the full production journey, providing a comprehensive overview of what it takes to create a compelling narrative on screen. From conceptualisation to execution, Coxhill detailed fully his wealth of experience and expertise.

The workshop attracted 15 young minds, drawing aspiring filmmakers, directors, actors, and scriptwriters, all eager to gain wisdom from Coxhill’s experience. Participants left the workshop armed with a newfound understanding and appreciation for the craft, equipped with practical knowledge to support and inspire their future in the industry.

BPM has got off to an exciting start and we look forward to organising more opportunities in the future. Please keep checking our website and social channels for the next workshops and any other similar experiences!