Measuring & Evaluation

Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) is at the heart of everything that the Trust was set up to achieve. Understanding the social issues that the Trust needs to address is only half of the challenge – the other half is measuring the actual social impact delivered at the Hub by BPT and its partners and then evaluating this impact, and learning from it to further improve social impact. In 2011 The Trust agreed the Community Services Agreement (CSA) with Lambeth Council which was a solid start to the common social impact aims. In 2015 the new BPT Board tasked the BPT Team to establish a new set of social outcome strands which are now operational at the Hub. To support these strands the Trust commissioned Upshot as a key tool to measure social impact at the Hub.

In early 2018 the Trust updated the social outcome strands based around actual delivery between 2015-2017 and outlined its M&E strategy in the attached document. This document summarises the key social issues faced in the three communities that the Hub serves and then outlines the social impact strands designed to tackle these issues by BPT and its partners. The document then explains the Trust’s approach to M&E and the importance of Upshot to evidence this. Over time BPT will evidence hard data supporting the social impact achieved at the Hub but this will take time (years not months) to support the M&E strategy however BPT will provide an annual update on social impact at the Hub to evidence the real progress being made in this area.

Our full M&E strategy document is available upon request – please contact Kirk Harrison, BPT CEO in this regard.

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